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Launching of a new program called Sports Development Fund by SITDS

Under the Sports development fund, SITDS will engage with Corporates under Corporate Social Responsibility to fund development of Sports and Sports infrastructure in a structured and synergetic manner to the corporate entities.

MoU between SITDS and Society for Transformation, Inclusion and Recognition through Sports (STAIRS), which provides a platform to young talented football players

SITDS will provide infrastructure & monetary and non-monetary support to deserving sports enthusiasts for sustainable period of time in a transparent and efficient manner by partnering with Corporates and Sports bodies with a mission to improve sports.

Partnership between SITDS and Sajid Lodi Tennis Academy, for helping young talent like Mahak Jain

Collaborations have been made between SITDS and other organizations like Sajid Lodi Tennis Academy for monetarily as well as non-monetarily supporting upcoming talents in our society for international participation and training under the CSR program for the development of Sport. Some of the major talents include, Mahak Jain, Richa Chougle, Srivalli Rashmika, Amishi Shukla, Ria Uboveja, Neel Garud, and Girish Chougle.

MoU between SITDS and Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU) for launching a B. Sc. Sports Sciences program in 2017 (batch of 80 students)

The MoU is made with a mission to improve sports infrastructure & provide monetary and non-monetary support to deserving sports talent for a sustainable period of time in a transparent and efficient manner by partnering with Corporates and Sports bodies.
SITDS and DPSRU together believe that the process of university education can be enriched and strengthened, from the establishment of links and cooperation in imparting education in sports sciences and allied areas.

Partnership between Creative Clothex and SITDS for managing their portfolio of sponsored young players

Creative Clothex, working under the brand name Aurro, will be providing kits to upcoming athletes for sports development in various sports under corporate social responsibility. Young talents in Tennis and Football have been identified for this.

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